Orchestrate your sales legacy to impact your world

Orchestrating successful sales is like composing a symphony.
You need to plan and manage numerous moving parts to yield results.
The more skills you have,
the more sales you win!
“I opened market for an Israeli and an US tech startup. They inspired me with their technopreneurship. Thus they motivated me to successfully grew their business from scratch to million-dollar.”

Christina Tan

Chief Sales Orchestrator

Our winning sales Philosophy

Our goal is to help you enhance your sales skills to support sustained growth, thus allowing a greater quality of life for you and your organization, and positively impacting society.
Intuitive teamwork

Closing a sale requires teamwork, orchestrated like a symphony with a maestro leading. At times, the maestro is the sales lead. At other moments, it could be the customer.

Timeless Technique

Just like the symphony that withstands the test of time, strong sales techniques will continue to yield wins, as it adapts to the pace of market evolutions.

Durable Momentum

Like a symphony, a sales journey is exciting with up and down movements, pace and tune, technicality and precision, creating a memorable melody.

How can Sales Symphony Help You?

Sales Symphony is about orchestrating systematic and effective communication with customers, networking techniques to increase sales leads, sales conversions and the technology to make it happen!

Sales Symphony advocates a seamless blend of excellent customer service, impactful personal branding and image, tactful and powerful conversational and phone etiquette to deliver results.

Track record

Adopt proven techniques that have been used for 25 years and have generated up to $100M deals across technology startups, SME startups, government programmes and both global and local MNCs.


With careful lead qualification and strategies, your sales closure rate can be as high as 50%-70%. Our track record resulted in close to 100 MNCs, large local and government customer acquisition with project deals ranging from $1-100M.

What Can We Achieve Together

Optimise sales productivity through adopting our systematic approach
Learn the essential steps to empowering yourself and your team for sales success
Discover how to avoid common sales pitfalls and identify the real sales “no-no’s”
Identify critical customers and obtain competitive information for strategic wins
Uncover the secrets to continuously grow new networks to drive sales

What they say | Satisfied clients

Our Courses

Here are some of the skills and tools you will acquire with us:

Sales productivity and an embedded systematic approach

Side-stepping negative mindsets and fears

Finding competitive information to focus on winning sales strategies and pitches

Developing a high value sales pipeline

Rallying internal and external support to close deals

Driving customer excellence and benchmarking your own corporate culture

and much more…

Manage Strategy

Strategise for partnership, business and mindset

Manage Self

Self-mastery of time, professional image and mindset of excellence

Manage System

Set up sales process for optimal performance

Manage Service

Administer customer excellence through various channels for desired outcome

Our ecosystem of Partners

Digital Marketing

Cash Flow Management

Tech in Sales and Talent Management

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