About Sales Symphony

Stepping out of my over-25-year corporate world, founding Sales Symphony is an exciting and bold moment in my life.

Why so? Well, I set up this venture to realise my entrepreneurship dream and at the same time, to continue pursuing my sales passion to help businesses through training, coaching and consultancy. I have been selling in my entire career. I have helped my organisations grow and succeed through overachieving sales targets.

I recalled closing my first “deal” at 5. I sold notepads to my classmates. Though my mum was invited to a compliant session, I still rejoiced over my first sales success!

My entrepreneurial spirit was mooted in my SME and startup days. I felt great gratification in growing businesses successfully from scratch. I was faced with great obstacles, resource constraints and unpredictable risks. However, with self-motivation, resilience and resourcefulness, I achieved significant results. I acquired 100 logos against world-class competitions and closed many industry’s “1st” deals.

My diverse environments truly stretched my sales capabilities. I helped in initial phases of NASDAQ-Listed tech startups (Optibase Ltd from Israel and Aruba Networks from USA, now acquired by HPE), SMEs, trade agencies and MNCs grow their marketplace from $10k to over $100m deals.

My clients are from Fortune 500 companies, MNCs and SMEs in various key sectors across education, hospitality, healthcare, government, telecommunications and real estate.

Some questions lingering in your mind may be: “Where can I find more leads? How can I make dreaded cold calls? How can I counteract objections? How can I secure sales meetings? Shall I just give up? Which tasks should I prioritise? How can I network effectively? How can I build strong customer rapport?”

Who can you turn to for help? You may turn to your boss, but he/she boss is always too busy. Even if not, you may be concerned of casting wrong impressions about your capabilities. Agree? I admit that I faced these too. Thus, in order to help myself, I invested heavily in my own sales skill development. As such, I received great ROI and will continue investing so.

Next, you may ask: ”Is it possible to be enterprising in a corporation?” Yes, it is possible! Even when working in MNCs, it did not dampen my entrepreneurial spirit. I crafted business plans, initiated marketing ideas and events, as well as penetrated new territories. When people doubted my discovery of mega deals through cold-calling, I just shared my email proofs. Anything is possible if you possess the right mindset and skills and execute them professionally.

Do the sales challenges mentioned above sound familiar? I have been through them just like you. I fully understand and empathise with what you are going through now. But you do not have to stay this way.

Today, after more than 25 years in the field, I have overcome these odds. So can you. Leverage on my rich experience and expertise. I can help you reduce pitfalls. I can increase your sales success.

Sales can be fun. Sales can be easy. Compose your sales legacies.

About Christina

Christina Tan
Chief Sales Orchestrator
Christina Tan has been a sales professional for more than 20 years, with 10 years of sales management experience. She has diverse exposure as Sales and Business Development Director, Product Manager and Consultant spanning across world class multi-national companies, local multi-nationals, SMEs and government trade agencies.

Applying a successful proven methodology, Christina acquired close to 100 clients including Fortune 500 clients, government agencies and local large and medium enterprises. These customers include real estate, healthcare, home team, education, telecommunication and manufacturing sectors. She had brought in contracts of over $100m and built sustainable pipeline of multi-million-dollars for key accounts at least 3 years ahead. She created several legacy deals for pioneering world class technologies, breaking into green field markets from scratch to million dollar markets. In her consulting role with Singapore trade agencies, she had assisted many SMEs in business, productivity and quality improvement initiatives, contributing in national programme committees and winning Star Awards.

In her management role, Christina has systematically trained sales teams on effective communication with customers, networking techniques to increase business contacts, rapid rapport-building to create connections, consultative and insightful selling and building lasting customer and partner relationships. Christina sets high training standards in customer service, advocating impactful personal branding and image, tactful phone conversation and phone etiquette. In addition, sales teams will acquire skills in the management of challenging customers, conducting of professional customer meeting and impressive presentation skills.

For complex clientele, Christina imparts questioning techniques for gathering intelligence to formulate winning strategies, as well as systematic tactics to penetrate and manage strategic accounts through meticulously crafted strategic business and marketing planning. In addition, leveraging on eco-system partnership are some key components for success and productivity. Christina guides sales team on how to formulate strategic partnership for multiplier effects for business optimisation. Other critical skill sets like effective time management, counteracting objections, deal closure and sales cycle management are what Christina has successfully proven through her sales career and training of her team.

Christina’s sharing of transferable skill sets such as networking, authentic customer and partnership relationship building, strategic thinking, customer service excellence, positive mindset and personal branding are applicable to all sectors at various stages of professional growth.

Her passion and commitment to self and team empowerment have motivated her to choose corporate sales training and coaching as her next phase in career to help aspirating start-ups and sales professionals succeed in their business.

Christina has a balanced blend of both hard and soft skills. She graduated with Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics (2nd Class Honours) from Nanyang Technological University and was awarded Graduate Diploma in Marketing (Silver Medal Award) from the Marketing Institute of Singapore as the top student. She was also top achiever in Integrated Productivity Improvement KAIZEN Course organized by Asian Productivity Organisation conducted in Japan.

How can Sales Symphony Help You?

Sales Symphony is about orchestrating systematic and effective communication with customers, networking techniques to increase sales leads, sales conversions and the technology to make it happen!

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How to sustain a successful sales Journey

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Download Christina Tan's eBook

How to sustain a successful sales Journey

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