Survey Response for Cold Calling

Dear Christina,

Thanks for the 2 sessions you had with us, we enriching and encouraging sessions.

Something I find useful is the idea of the matrix which is very useful esp we can refer quickly to the kinds of insurance suitable to the people we speak to.

I also learnt that when we talk to them shouldn’t be too direct and should build rapport during the conversation while we check into the concerns they may have.

I also like the way you do the follow-up. Sometimes the prospects may not want to look at it now but maybe later.

Thanks so much for your insightful sharing.

Warm regards,

Ai Hua

Prudential Financial Consultant
“I had an interactive session with Christina. She has demonstrated to be an effective coach as she can strike a balance between careful listening and sharing of her extensive sales experience and ideas. I have learnt to be more positive in attempting cold calls and believe I’ll be more confident as I do more of it.”

A senior Corporate B2B real estate consultant

Survey Response for Strategic Networking

“She’s (Christina’s) approachable, warm and down to earth.

Beneficial part is the approach to meeting new people during a networking session.”

Chio Huey Huey

“Very engaging and has taught more about how to network better.

Also the intelligent questions in small talks.

I find most beneficial are the questions being asked to the person whom you are trying to connect  with.”

Daphne Chew

“The content was useful and can be immediately applied if I were to be thrown into a networking session now. Christina is a very friendly and engaging trainer.

The beneficial elements  learnt are the  soft skills in handling stigma of an “insurance agent introductory speech”.”

Gladys Phua

“Good, relevant material.

Strategic networking and preparation with the application of strategic networking and preparation.”

Elita Thia


Survey Response for Time Management

“Very good, informative and excellent session. All the various tools are beneficial to time management.”

Fai Keng

“Very  precise and helpful. The topic is well covered. Time management tools and the time quadrant are beneficial to me.”

Leung Kai Feng

Brilliant training!

The need for prioritisation when it comes to tasks on hand. Not everything is equally important as much as they seem they do.”

Bryan Lim

Awesome and insightful.

Various ways and apps to help in productivity.”



Survey Response for Strategic Business and Marketing Plan

“I had an insightful and beneficial session with Christina. As my business was a start up, she was able to zoom in and identify the right target audience for my multi audience business and helped clarify my confusion. She also has a keen eye to spot opportunities and gave interesting ideas to create sales. A personable and dynamic coach that I will recommend to any business!”

Sherina Wong. Chief Travel Planner

Rere Travel Planners
“Remember whenever money changes hands, value is exchanged as well. Your greatest value is  your creativity!”

“The salon sharing was particularly interesting because it served as a good reminder for out-of-the-box adjacent space solutions.”

Ng Chongming. Co-founder


Putting BMC model on paper helps with clarity. I have that paper pinned to my new cork board at home now. We discussed a lot about sales methodology and the exchanges definitely helped to either verify or debunk my understanding of my methods so far.

Miyavi Lim. Founder


“Christina is passionate about the subject. The sharing is forward-thinking, strategic and innovation.

The part about how we should move away from transactional thinking and into strategic thinking is most beneficial.”

Owyong. Property Agent

“Though we are in different industries, Christina was able to share from her experience and make suggestions that are applicable to my industry. The weakness of most sales person are lack of discipline and systems which many times resulted in inconsistent performance. She emphasised the importance of accountability through systemic tracking of one’s effort and performance. She generously passed me her template of tracking system and suggested I modified it to suit my needs. I find our session very beneficial to me. Indeed she helped me identify my weakness of lack of discipline and system and guide me in making practical changes. To me, a good coach is sharp in identifying student’s weakness and give guidance to make right changes towards better performance. And Christina is successful in doing that.

Lee Yeen. Senior Marketing Director

ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd

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